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Straight Stairlifts


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About Straight Stairlifts

straight staircase

Designed for straight runs of stairs with no quarter landing or turns, straight stairlifts are available in a range of styles to fit all budgets, whether indoors or outdoors. Because the lifts are tailor made to fit your stairs in the manufacturer’s factory, they can be installed with ease in a very short space of time. If you need a reliable, safe and easy to use straight stairlift our trusted suppliers will have the perfect solution for you and your home.


  • comprehensive warranties - complete peace of mind with 12 months full parts and labour warranty
  • Remote control - ideal if there are more than one stairlift user and parking and calling the stairlift
  • Easy to use controls - designed with input from Occupational Therapists to make sure they are simple and comfortable to use
  • Choice of upholstery - choose a seat colour to complement the décor of your home
  • Automatic cut-out safety sensors - a number of sensors placed around the stairlift that will automatically stop the lift if there is an obstacle
Straight stairlifts Straight perch seat stairlifts Straight outdoor stairlifts Straight stairlifts


It is not uncommon for there to be challenges when installing a stairlift, sometimes with the staircase layout and sometimes the user may have specific requirements. In most cases there will be a specific model or added option to deal with your needs. Weather proof outdoor stairlifts are available for users who have steps leading to their front door, as are powered options such as the powered swivel seat for those who find the manual swivel mechanism difficult. With years of experience and innovative thinking our trusted suppliers will have a solution for most circumstances.

Slide Track

slide track up slide track down

If, for example, there was a doorway situated very close to the bottom of the stairs the track would pass in front of the door. One solution to this would be the slide track which is slightly shorter than the length of the staircase. The track moves with you as you travel up or down the stairs and only extends in front of the door as you near the bottom. After exiting the lift you can use the remote to park the stairlift slightly up the stairs. The track will slide up thus clearing the doorway.

Perch Seat

perch seat

Some users may find sitting uncomfortable, for example, they may have restricted movement in the knee or hip joints and sitting on the stairlift as it travels up or down stairs is not really viable. With its extended seat height and shortened seat depth the perch seat stairlift allows users to travel in an almost standing position. Because perch seat stairlifts take up less space on the stairs they can also be a handy solution to very narrow staircases.